This was the first sample website I happened to fall on when I was first starting out producing music. There’s a hug library of sample packs to choose from filtered down by genre, formats, labels, presets and bundles.

The sounds are generally top notch all round. I’ve bought and listened to hip hop, techno, drum and bass and various house genres and all of them have been superb.

They also run a good amount of sales on some of their product – so you might be able to pick up a great deal.

Another cool thing, Loopmaster also run and promote their own production courses which surprisingly come in at very prices.

Finally, for every new purchase you’ll pick up reward points which can directly used against any other future purchases. You don’t need reach certain minmum to use these reward point either and, if you’ve got enough reward points stacked up you’ll be able to purchase a sample pack….for nothing.


Audio Jungle

This little-known beast is a brilliant resources for your next project.

While you can still get great sounding samples from most genres what I really like about Audio jungle is the amount of film score production sounds. This is brilliant if you’re looking to add more character and feelings into your tracks.

Again, the qualities of sounds are brilliant and are sure to make your tracks sound professional.

Audio Jungle also gives you the option to purchase any samples in the individual parts as well. So if you’re looking to spend $1 or $1000 Audio Jungle could definitely be the place to find your sprout of inspiration.



  1. Spin to win option on the home page which quite fun to use

If you’re looking to add more realism to your tracks then TheLoopLoft might be what you need.

Instead of using samplers and programming beats or using fancy VST’s to reproduce sounds – thelooploft use real sounds, from real humans in a real recording studio.

This is brilliant if you like to merge and combine the digital sounding world with a more realistic humanized feel.


Word of warning though – these packs are top quality. They’re also unique – you won’t find them on Loopmasters for example. With that, the price for these samples packs are high and geered towards serious music producers with budget.

If that sounds like you – you can check TheLoopLoft here…


Better known for the ‘principle source of music for DJ’s’ – Beatport has grown tremendously over the last few years and now offewr music not only to DJ’s but their fans too.

But, Beatport also offer a wide range of sample packs you can grab using their sound liberay.

Again you’ve got a huge range of genres to choose from spanning across multiple lables.

You can check out Beatports selection of sample packs here.