1. Voxengo Span

The best free frequency analyser on the webosphere…The first piece of freeware I added to my production arsenal and I haven’t looked back.

  1. TAL –Elek7ro

A virtual anology sytnht coming with 4 osccilaotrs; 2 with hardsync, pw and FM, 1 sub and a noise oscillator.

Other features include but not limited to; portamento, up to 6 voices in poly mode, mod and pitch wheel and an ADSR envelope.

Well worth checking – which you can do so here…

  1. Valhalla – Freq Echo
  2. TDR Nova EQ
  3. Kick Maker by Teragon Audio
  4. Drum Kit 2 by MT Power
  5. Voxengo Tube Amp
  6. Clouddrum
  7. Spectrum by Ben/Schulz